Do I need a partner?
No. We have several highly qualified instructors to dance with, along with very knowledgable single students.

Can I wear sneakers?
No. You can wear shoes with leather soles until you obtain the proper ballroom dance shoes.

What is the dress code?
Men - Jeans or slacks
Women - Jeans, slacks, dresses, or long skirts

Where can I dance?
We hold dance parties every other Thursday, each with it's own theme. The cover is $10 for students and FREE for student guests. Food and drink are usually available.

My wedding is in two weeks. Can you get me ready in time?
No. The smallest package we offer for wedding dance choreography will not fit into small time frames. You'll also need time to learn how to perform the dance itself plus retain the choreography.

Is one lesson per week enough?
No. You will most likely not retain what you have learned from the week before and we'd rather you not waste your time and money. The national standard is to take at least twice per week.

When are your group classes?
We very rarely teach a public group class. However, we do offer private group classes for you and your friends or family, as long as there is a group of 4 couples or more. These cost $20 per person.

When are you open?
We are open Monday - Friday from 1pm to 9pm.